Monday, June 19, 2017

I'm writing from. . . .Pucallpa!!

My companion and I made it through transfers!!! I am so happy that I get to be with Hermana Kachkachian again and that I am still in Pucallpa. I seriously love it here so much. I am so excited for this transfer and for all of the experiences were going to have. Speaking of experiences... this week has been full of them. I have been so sick this week. Dont worry it´s only a cold, but having a cold on the mission is so much worse than having a cold at home. I feel a lot better today so Im super grateful for that :) My companion this week had to have an emergency root canal. This was also an interesting experience. She also felt pretty sick this week. But she is also feeling a lot better! I felt so bad for her but she is tough :) I also got bit by a dog this week... again dont worry it didnt do any damage, it just scared me a little bit. haha. I cant believe that its only the first week of transfers and weve already had these experiences! I also got to give a training in our district this week about the importance of Charity. I was so happy to give this training because charity is my favorite attribute of Christ. I know that if we are always showing our love for others we will always feel happy. I am so grateful to be here and I am so grateful for the loving people that I get the chance to meet everyday. This week I am especially grateful for the members of our ward who are so caring and help us to feel our best so we can keep teaching the gospel. I know without a doubt that this church is true and I am glad that I am blessed to be  member and that I can help others recieve the happiness that this gospel brings. This week with Fathers Day, Ive been thinking a lot about how wonderful it is that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is always here to help us when we need help and to celebrate with us when we reach our goals. I seriously love yo uall so much and I hope you had a great Fathers Day. Have a fantastic week!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce

**The dog bite didn't break skin. Nat says she is just nervous about the dogs now and never used to be. She says there are more dogs than people in Peru.

**in an instant message Natalie said she will not likely get any American companions again unless she begs to be with an MTC companion at the end of her mission. There are only 3 American sisters and they all came together! She said there are 120 missionarys total. 20 sisters. Very few american elders (like 20). She said she is glad that having spanish speaking companions will just help her language skills!!

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