Tuesday, June 27, 2017

San Juan!

Hello everyone! This week was a crazy week of celebration here in Pucallpa. This week was the Jungle holiday of San Juan. Its a holiday that people celebrate to honor the death of john the baptist and for all of saturday everyone was making a type of food called juanes. Its basically a ball of chicken rice and egg wrapped up into a leaf to look like a head. Every single house had a firepit outside, with a pot filled with Juanes and all of Pucallpa was filled with smoke. It made me think of when our hill caught on fire and there was smoke everywhere in Herriman. It was all because everyone was making Juanes! It was really sad/funny because last week everyone was buying chickens because they were getting ready for San Juan so there were chickens everywhere outside, and the day after San Juan there wasnt a chicken in sight. Its slightly unfortunate for the chickens but at least Juanes are delicious so all is well. We have an awesome new family of investigators!! We are teaching Peter and Lana. They have one daughter and they are so awesome. They accepted a baptismal date and were just waiting for them to get married so they can get baptised! Lana is from russia and she is such a cool lady. Im so excited to be teaching them. My companion is recovering from an operation that she had to fix a bone in her mouth and its been really hard for her. Please send your prayers so that she can feel better soon. This week my first companion Hermana Prince came to visit peru with her family and it made me so happy! I loved seeing them. It was weird speaking to them in english. I never speak english anymore! Its awesome. I love peru so much. I learn so much every week about the culture and about people. I am so grateful for all of you and your love and your examples!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce 
Also sorry for no pictures! This computer doesnt want to load them this week!

**here is a picture of a Juanes I (mom) found on the internet--It represents the head of John the Baptist in a bag.  

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