Monday, November 20, 2017


Once upon a time we are now living with the other Sisters in Tarapoto, because we cant live in our house. This week we were enjoying our time during our morning personal study when I heard someone calling to us from outside of our window. It was a strange man without shoes and he was looking directly into our third floor apartment signalling us to come down. We shut the window, and kept studing and then we got a phonecall from the lady that owns the apartment saying that there was a man who wanted to talk to the Gringa (white girl) on the third floor and she asked if we knew him. He then tried to get in the building a different way and they had to tell him to leave. After this lovely experience we called our zone leaders and they told us that we can no longer live in this apartment. We are now looking for a new house, but I am so grateful that no one let him in to the apartment comlex! So many crazy things happen here! But, were safe and healthy so all is well. 
This week we went to a castle for Pday! A real castle! It was super pretty and fun do see something different for Pday. We went with our whole zone and took a bunch of pictures. I absolutely loved it. Ive decided that were going to live in the castle for a while haha. 
All of Peru was united to watch soccer this week. It was so interesting that everyone was wearing red and white and celebrating when there was a soccer game but for the national holiday of peru hardly anyone celebrated. Oh soccer. At least they won :) 
Were going to have another baptism!!!! Im so excited. The son of our recent convert Flor has accepted to be baptised and he will be having his baptism in the beginning of december. He is so happy and he wants to be baptised so that he can rcieve the priesthood and help his family. It was so special to hear his desire to be baptised. 
I love this missin so much. I am learning and growing every day and I know that missionaries ar protected and guided in this work. I know that the gospel has been restored and that it really truly does bless families. I am so grateful for all of the people who have helped me to be here so that I can teach the gospel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. They dont celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I want you all to know how grateful I am for all of you and for this time I have to share the restored gospel. Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!
Con MUCHO amor y gratitud, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, November 13, 2017


Hello Hello!
This has been a week of miracles. I have seen the hand of God so much in the work this week and I am so grateful. We were walking on our way to an appointment, but we felt that we should go a different way than normal and while we were walking we ran into a returned missionary who was super excited to see us! He told us that he was about to visit his friend Milagros and that we needed to teach her right away. He asked us if we had time and OF COURSE we did! We went to teach her and it was an amazing lesson. She has definitly been prepared for the gospel. I am so glad we decided to walk down a different street! (Milagros means miracles in spanish) 
There is a new member in our Branch who moved here from Lima, and was called to be Relief society president. She was a little worried about getting to know the sisters in our branch so we offered to help her, and she was also sad because her plants from lima were dying and she needed dirt, so to help her with both of these things we planned a hike with the relieve society to find the best dirt on the mountain. She was so happy and she got to know a lot of the branch. We as missionaries walk super fast but hiking the mountain with the relief society sisters was so slow! We were happy to help her get settle in to Tarapoto. 
The work here is going really well. We are finding families and people who are really excited to hear the gospel. I know that from the people we have found this week, we will find those who are ready for baptism. 
God really knows when we need and he guides us so that we can be in the right place at the right time. I loved seeing miracles this week and being reminded that God really does have everything planned just right. I love the mission and I am so excited to see what is going to happen in these last two weeks of this transfer. 
I hope you all have a great week, keep following the spirit and I know you will be guided in the right direction :)
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, November 6, 2017

Woooah We´re Halfway There

Hello, Hello! 
I officially have 9 months left of my mission and I cant even believe it. This week has been such a good way to celebrate my halfway mark of the mission.
First off, Flor got baptised! It was such a special day and she asked me to sing a hymn for her baptism. She cried, snd the spirit was so strong. We also had a few investigators come to her baptism who are preparing to be baptsied. I love having the chance to teach them and help them make this sacred covenant. 
For my nine months in the mission I had a few goals. I wanted to read the whole book of mormon in spanish and I wanted to get my "Maestros del Evangelio" ( an award that is kind of like personal progress of the mission that people usually get at the end.) and i am super happy to say that I met both of my goals! I LOVED reading the book of mormon in a different language and I know that it is true. It strengthened my testimony so much that no matter what language we´re speaking, the gospel of Jesus Christ will always be true! 
My Pensionistas brother was killed this week in a scary shooting at his work and the branch is super sad about it. He was a member of the church and he has such a beautiful family. We got to her house right when she got the news and we offered a prayer with her to bring comfort. We felt the spirit so strongly and knew that everything would be okay. I felt o bad for her and her family. 
I know without a doubt that families can be together forever thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. When we make covenants with God and keep covenants, we will recieve blessings. I love this chance to help people prepare to have eternal families and teach them the restored gospel. I cant believe I only get to do this full time for 9 more months! Time flies. I love you all and hope you have a great week and remember the importance of keeping your covenants :)
Con Amor,
Hermana Toponce

Monday, October 30, 2017

Let's get down to business

So, we are a lot more comfortable in our new area. We now know the people and the streets really well and we were able to get to work this week, after Tuesday because I was sick on Tuesday. But This week has been super great! We taught one lesson on Tuesday and I was coughing so bad, which made me sad because we were teaching my favorite lesson, the law of chastity, but I was really happy because our investigator Flor understood and was willing to make the changes she needed to in her life to live this commandment. I am so grateful for the spirit because without the spirit we would be able to change peoples hearts.
Hermana Flor is the best and... shes getting baptised for my moms birthday! November fourth! I am so excited for her. She has such a sweet spirit and she is beyond excited to take this step in her life. The sisters who were teaching her before us could NOT get her to accept a date but with a lot of prayer and fasting Flor accepted to be baptised. Pictures to come next week :)
This week we had zone conference and we celebrated my birthday. haha! dontn worry my birthday isnt until christmas, but we wont be having a zone conference until after christmas, so we celebrated my birthday! There was cake and everything. It was really weird to celebrate so early but it was really sweet.
We know the members in our branch so well that we´ve been invited to so many family home evenings tonight that I dont kow what were going to do. My branch president asked me to give a talk on unity this week and I was so happy to help. Its so great that he had confidence that I could help the branch have a little more unity. I have so many goals for this transfer and this area. I know that there is so much potential here. We are teaching two new families and they are golden.
I know that when we accept the changes that happen in our lives, and ask for God´s help we can be successful. I was really sad to have transfers from my other area, but I know that God has a lot of things planned for me here in Tarapoto. I hope you all have a great week. Thank you for your love and support!
Con amor,
Hermana Toponce
Also sorry that the picture is blurry. The elder who took the picture had cake on his hands :P 
Zona Tarapoto!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Same Companion, Different Area

So we had transfers and I cant believe it! We were getting ready for bed on monday night because we were both certain that nothing was going to happen and the phone rang! We got transferred to Tarapoto. It is a beautiful area. There are lots of trees, there are mountains and its not hot. I was so happy when we got off the plane because I actually felt a little cold!
Here in Tarapoto there arent any wards, just branches but the members are so great. Our branch president was so excited to meet us that he offered to show us the whole area! Im super excited to work with the members here. The people here arent too interested in hearing our message. In my other areas it was super easy to get in the dorr, but here its been difficult. Im excited to learn how to teach the people here. I havent seen a wooden house in a week! and there are hardly any dirt roads. It is so different! 
Theres not too much to tell about the area yet, were still getting to know the members and the area and our investigators so there will be more to tell next week. I am just really happy and excited to start my new adventure here in Tarapotto. Also I cant believe that I am with Hermana Quispe again. I am so excited!
Hermana Quispe tried her first Pb&J this week so that was pretty exciting. There is penut butter here and I told her that she had to try something that I love. Haha she really liked it. 
I know that the church is true and I know that there are people here who are waiting for the gospel! We just have to find them. I hope you have a great week. Keep helping the missionaries find people to teach!! 
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, October 16, 2017


I seriously love the mission. My companion is super great and weve been working well together. We are having a lot of succes and were happy! I couldnt ask for anything better. I also love my area. The people are really nice. My investigadors are progressing. THREE FAMILIES!! One is Esteban and Nara, The other is Lila and Jairo, and the other is Gloria and Jaime. All of them are reading their book of mormon, coming to church and preparing to get married and baptised in december. It has been so fun teaching them and they all tell me that I explain the gospel well. It made me happy to hear because my goal this transfer was to teach better :) We have transfers tonight and I am praying that I can stay here so I can see them get baptised! 
We arent teaching Bruno anymore... :( We went to find him and he told us that he had a dream that his church is true after praying. We wanted to help him interpret his dream, but he said he didnt need to hear more. I was heartbroken, but I know he will accept the gospel someday :) 
This week I totally ran into a cement wall. I was talking to my companion and I didnt look in front of my and I smacked my head into cement. It was super painful, but now Im totally okay. When I told president he told me that I need to be more careful. Haha! 
This week has been really good, and I am especially grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. Thanks to Him we have the chance to become better everyday! I have loved seeing the gospel help these sweet families. I cant wait to see what other families are here waiting to hear the good news of the gospel :) 
Have a wonderful week!
Con amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, October 9, 2017


Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a lovely week. Mine sure has been great! Its finally fall here so were getting to eat all of the harvested fruit and I couldnt be happier! Theres pineapple, watermelon, mango, granadilla, and so many more that im not sure what theyre called. 
This week was great with teaching. We are teaching three new families and they are all on date to be baptised in december! I am so excited for them :) One of the sisters we are teaching is named Ada and this week she told us that she felt really happy while reading the scriptures and praying and we helped her to recognize that its the spirit. She was so happy to recognize the spirit that she started crying. It was such a special moment with her :) 
I got to work in my old area and we visited my convert! Junior! when we knocked on his door he was really sad and he didnt want to talk to us. He let us in and we found out that he hadnt been coming to church or reading his scriptures and he told us that he felt lost. I felt heartbroken for him. We testified the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and Going to church and he felt happier. This experience helped me streingthen my testimony of doing the little things so that we can continue feeling the spirit. Reading the Book of Mormon, Praying, and going to church are So important. They might not seem like big things but they help us so much in our lives. 
I recently completed eight months in my mission and I cried a little because I dont want it to come to an end. I love the mission so much! I love teaching these poeple the gospel and seeing it change their lives! Good things I still have ten more months. 
I love you all and I hope you all can remember to do the little things. Share the gospel. Have a fantastic week :)
Con Mucho amor, 
Hermana toponce
(sorry that there arent any pictures, the internet is slow)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Turtles, Conference, and broken doors

I have had lots of happy things happen this week and Im smiling super big because I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that he loves all of you as well! The gospel is so wonderful. I always feel super happy after watching general conference, but theres something extra special about watching conference in the mission. It made me think about how much has happened in the six months since my first conference in the mission and all that I want to accomplish in the six months until next conference! I was super happy because we had a bunch of less active members that weve been teaching come and Bruno came to conference! He loved it. He was nodding his head in agreement to almost every talk and I could tell that he found it very interesting. Im excited because we have an appointment with him tonight so well see what he thought :) Conference was really special. I loved hearing about the importance of service and accepting Gods will. He really does have a plan for us and it is always so much better than our plans :) 

Sunday morning at five in the morning we had a crazy thing happen. We live in an apartment complext that has five apartments and all of the sudden we heard someone yelling outside, "OPEN THE DOOR" and then start kicking the door. We woke up ad were super scared because we werent sure if it was our door or our neighbors door. It kept going for about ten minutes and then we heard a door break and we had to call the police. Turns out there was a drunk mad that thought he had been locked out of his house because he chose the wrong door. I was terrified! But all is well and he no longer lives in our apartment complex... :)
The world is crazy sometimes! I got to hold a turtle and it seriously didnt want to come out of its shell when I was holding it, I think its because it knows I ate one of its cousins in pucallpa! haha. 

This week we were working really hard to find new people to teach, (updates to come because we've found a few families) and it was super hot. I thought I was going to die, but we kept working anyways because we really wanted to teach! We also ran out of our money because it was the last day of the month and we couldnt buy coca-cola to keep us going, haha it was rough. But later that day wek were teaching a sister named Germany and she offered us Coca-cola! It was such a happy thing! I know that when we are working hard to do Gods work he blesses us. He really is watching over the little details of our lives :) 

I love you all so much! I hope you enjoyed conference! Please apply what youve learned and help everyone know how important this gospel is :) 

Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, September 25, 2017


I hope you are all preparing for general conference! Womens conference was amazing so Im sure that the rest will be wonderful too :)
This week we had the first Zone P-day activity that Ive ever had in my whole mission and it was super fun. We had a family home evening as a zone and each companionship had to plan a game. All of the games were super great and it help us to be more united as a zone. My companion and I organized scripture charades and got to act out a bunch of scripture stories. It was funny. Im glad that my theatre skills came in handy. :)
There has been crazy weather here this week! So much rain! Were all super safe, but were pretty wet. I like it more than being hot all of the time. 
Our investigators are doing pretty good. Gloria still hasnt accepted a baptim date but shes getting close, and were teaching a kid named bruno who looks like bruno mars and sings! He keeps trying to sing to me in english so were trying to find him an hymnbook so that he can learn the hymns!
This week I realized something super cool that Im sure a lot of you have already realize, but I feel like I should shar it anyways. I was looking at my CTR ring and I realized that CTR means so much more than choose the right, while I was looking at it I realized that CTR also teaches us to remember our baptismal covenants, C-Commandments, keep them all. T- Take upon ourselves the name of christ. R- Remember Him always. I will never look at my CTR ring the same way again. I am so grateful that I am here on my mission and that I have the chance to teach people the importance of being baptised and help them make and keep this sacred covenant. I know that the church is true and I know that baptism is necessary for us to be able to recieve eternal life. :)
I hope you all have a great week and remember CTR :) 
Con Mucho Amor, 
Hermana Toponce 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Punchana-New Area

Hello my wonderful family and friends! I sure love all of you. Thank you for all that you do :)
This week I have a new companion. I am with Sister Quispe. She is awesome! She is from Peru and she has one transfer more than I do in the mission so well be learning together :) OUr area is a lot smaller than any of my other ones have been but Im excited about it because well be able to teach everyone! We have on investigator who is progressing named Gloria and she learns really fast and loves the book of mormon. I cant wait to see how the gospel helps her :) 
I gave my first talk of the mission. I got to speak on service and it went really well. The members are super welcoming and said that my spanish is super good! I am so happy that I finally got to speak in church. 
We had a zone service project. A block of houses caught on fire and we went to clean up and start the foundation for new houses. It was so fun to be able to help and get to know more people here in Iquitos. EVen though they had something terrible happen they were still smiling and working with us. 
I love the chance that I have to serve a mission. Service is so important beacuse its how we show God that we love him! I dont have much time to write today, but I wanted to let you all know that I am doing super good and that I am healthy and happy :)
I pray for all of your health and happiness as well :)
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, September 11, 2017

Clavero, Iquitos 2.0

Im writing from the same area, with the same companion because we didnt have transfers! Im really happy tht Im in the same ward because the members are super great and they love to help the missionaries! They are always giving us references of people we can teach and our ward mission leader is a recently returned misssionary and he likes to teach with us. The work is so much more successful when the members are invovled! Help your missionaries! They love it :) 
Yesterday we were a little disapointed because all of our appointments werent home. We were knocking on doors a ton and people didnt want to listen to us. I just kept wondering, "Where are we supposed to go?" When I finally asked my companion what we should do next we got a phonecall from a sister in our ward. She was crying and told us that she needed us to visit her right away. We of course went straight to her house. She was so sad. She is a single mom who has recently seperated from her husband and she has to do everything to provide for her six year old son. She had all of her sadness pile up and she didnt know what to do. I  am SO GLAD that she felt like she could call us for help. We gave a lesson about Grace. I have been thinking and studying this word a lot this week. Grace is Divine help and strenght. We cant do all of these things by ourselves and we have grace to help us keep going. This sister was so grateful that we could come help lift her burden. I love this chance that I have to be a represetative of Jesus Christ. There are so many people who need his love and its such a blessing to be able to bring this love into peoples lives. I know that things happen for a reason and that we eeded to be at her house last night :) 
My pensionista made me no bake cookies to celebrate my seven months here in the mission and it made me super happy! It was just the taste of home that I needed, and the same day I got sweet letters from the girlscamp girls! Thank you! It made my day :) 
Here there is a game that the little kids like to play that is "touch the white girl" When they see me coming they get in a line and yell "Toca la Gringa" and the first one to touvh me wins. haha! I love all of the kids here. They are so funny. Im going to miss this game ;)
I hope you have a great week! Enjoy all of the litte things :) These precious moments are all gifts from our Heavenly Father.
Hermana Toponce

Monday, September 4, 2017

Transfer Acomplished!

I have completed yet another transfer here in the beautiful Peru Iquitos mission. I am so beyond gratefu for everything that I have learned this transfer and I am So excited to see what adventures this next transfer will bring. Today we find out if we´ll be staying here or if well get moved to a new area. I cant wait to see whats going to happen! 
This week we had a few activities in the ward to help us get references and they were super fun, but we didnt recieve a single reference! I was dissapointed, but at least a family of Investigators came and they loved the activity. Its an activity that I want to organize in all of my wards here because Its stinking awesome! The activity is called viaje a hawaii and it started by giving everyone who came a certain amount of play money, and they were then told to use the play money to participate in the activieties that were set up around the church. There were cgams, a market, classes, a movie, a dance party, and they could use their money to do any of these things and us member in charge of the activity had to tept the to use their money, haha. After a ittle over an hour of fun and games, we announced that the fight to hawaii was about to eave and that they needed to board the plane. When everyone was in the plane, the chapel, we had the flight attendant welcome everyone to the flight and after a minute he got up an announced that there was turbulance and made noises like the plane was crashing. He then announced "Welcome to the final judgement" and according to the amout of money they had, the members were assigned to their kingdom of glory. The best part is that our investigators made it the the Celestia Kingdom! Woohoo!
The next day we had a lesson with Maritza and Luis, the investigators who came to the activity, and we shared the Plan of Salvation with them. They told us how happy they were to have made it to the celestial kingdom for the activity and their desire to make it there for real. We told them how its pssible and theyve accepted to be baptized!! I sure love them and their sweet family and I know without a doubt that they will make it to the real thing!
Its amazing to see the gospel changing lives. I remember when we first met Maritza when she was playing Bingo and when we asked, " Esta Hermana Maritza?" She told us that Maritza is in Lima. The third time we tried to find her, her neighbor finallyrold us that its been her all along! We finally set a tie to visit her and her family and met her husband and he was completely drunk! In my head I thught, "Were never going to be able to help this family" I WAS WRONG! They are now praying together, and they are starting to be more happy and united. The gospel has changed them and I cant wait to see how much more theyll be able to achieve before and after their baptism! Gods plan is so perfect. 
Life is filled with hard moments and sometimes we feel like we are too far from the path to ever get to God again. This is not true! We can always make it back. The gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect and can help us overcome what ever challenge this life throws at us. I know without a doubt that He lives and that his gospel blesses lives. I want to invite you all to watch the mormon message, "YOU NEVER KNOW" because it makes me happy and helped me to understand Gods plan a little better. 
Have a fantastic week! I love you all. You are in my prayers :) 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, August 28, 2017

Its raining, and I love it!

Hello sweet family, 
I am in a normal companionship again its just Hermana Gomez and I. Hermana Quispe has a mini missionary working with her until the end of this transfer and shes super sweet! Shes getting real life mission experience before she actually leaves on the mission! I have loved hearing about all of my sweet friends who have been choosing to go and serve missions. It is so fun to see that we are all around the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its just so awesome! :) 
This week we had a Zone conference with all of the zones in Iquitos, and it was super funny because there were about 100 elders, and just us 4 sisters! The other sisters are in Pucallpa, and Tarrapoto. It was awesome because right after the conference we got to have a catered lunch with President and Hermana Li and because there are only four sisters, we got to eat at the same table as president! This never happens! the only time we get to eat with president is at the beginning and end of our missions. I was so happy. The conference was great and we talked a lot about the importance of the atonement of Jesus Christ. It was awesome to be with all of the missionaries in this area of the mission :) 
I can tell that I have been in the mission for a while because one pair of shoes finally broke. I use them all of the time so I wasnt too suprised, but it made me realize how long Ive been here. Luckily I had some superglue from Grandma Toponce so I should be set with these shoes for another six months! thanks Grandma! 
Right now were starting to get into the rainy season in the mission and I love it, the mangos are growing, its a lot cooler, and the people are happier! Its crazy how much the weather changes peoples attitude. 
This week I got to eat alligator for the first time! I told my pensionista, the chicken is so good today, and she laughed and said, its because its alligator! It really does taste like chicken. really good chicken. 
We are teaching a few really awesome families right now and its so fun to teach families because they learn together and I am litterally seeing these families become happier and more united and they are applying the principles of the gospel. Ive always had a testimony that the gospel blesses families but there is something truly beautiful about seeing the gospel work in a family from the very beginning. 
I hope that you all have a great week and remember how truly important Jesus Christ is. He is the way. Living his gospel brings true joy. I love being able to share this joy here in Iquitos :)
Con Mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Iquitos week 4... Baptism!

This week has been so great. I have been able to see so many miracles and teach lots of lovely people the gospel. This week my dear friends from the CCM Hermana Felshaw and Hermana Griffith had to come to Iquitos to fill out some paperwork for their visas and they got to work in my area! I was so happy to be able to be with them for a day! We have all changed so much in just six short months. It was so great to hear their stories. Im excited to see how much we learn after another year in the mission! We are really good at speaking spanish now! haha.

We had our baptism for Junior and he was so excited. I am so happy that i was able to help him get ready for his baptism. He has gained such a stron testimony and he wants to serve a mission too! Im so excited to be able to help him prepare to serve a mission and learn even more about the gospel. His baptism was so great and there was so many members of our ward there to support him. He shared his testimony and it made me and the bishop cry because we felt the spirit so strongly! I know that Junior is going to do so many amazing things!

One funny story from this week is I was teaching a lesson and in the middle of sharing my testimony the chair I was sitting in bent and I fell on the ground. Everyone was freaking out because all of the sudden I was on the floor and they didnt know what do to. I was laughing super hard and to make everyone feel better I tole a food joke that I learned but I said it wrong and It didnt make any sense. But it made everyone laugh! 

We found a family that I am 100 percent sure are going to get baptised. Theri son is out serving a mission and they are so excited to learn what he is out teaching. They are super sweet! Ill be sending upsdates on how they are. 

I know that this church is true and that the gospel blesses families. I know that as we seek to become more like our savior we will be happy always. I love you all! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Con amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, August 14, 2017

I'm in a trio again haha!

Again this week has been a little crazy but as great as ever. This monday we went to a jungle paradise named Quistacocha its a zoo and after walking through the zoo theres a beach and its so pretty. After the mission I want to come back again so that I can swim too. ;) It was super nice to have a relaxing pday and we got to ride in a bus to get there! Its been so long since Ive been in a closed vehicle. haha :)
I got to teach english class this tuesday and it was awesome. We had a lot of non members come this week and it was great because I taught everyone how to pray in english. Its been a long time since Ive prayed in english so when I offered the prayer in english at the end of the class I had an accent. I am so happy that I get to teach english and meet new people to teach the gospel to too. 
One of the sister here in Iquitos had to go home and now we are in a trio! I am still with Hermana Gomez but we now have a new companion named Hermana Quispe. Its been fun to be in a trio for the past few days. I have been able to learn so much from them both. 
This week weve been helping Hermana Junior get ready for his baptism this saturday. He is so excited and so prepared to be baptised. I have loved being able to teach him and I seriously cant wait for this saturday! 
We alsop have new investigators this week because Im a little crazy. We contacted a family this week and when we went to their house for our appointment a mand opened the door and angrily said, "Theyre not here" and slammed the door in our faces. I wasnt really in the mood for people slamming their door in my face so I knocked on the door again. My companions looked at me like I was crazy but when the door opened the second time it was the woman we had contacted. She let us in and we are now teaching her and her nephew Michael the gospel. I am so hapopy that I decided to knock on the door again. In life there are some days that are just really hard, and we have to try again and again to be able to reach our goals. This is normal! If we have to try again we´ll be able to learn even more! 
I hope you have a great week! Keep pressing forward and I know it will be a great week. 
Hermana Toponce 
Also sorry for no pictures. The computer is slow this week. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wilderness. Iquanas. Coconuts. Six Months.

Hello Everyone, 
This week has been another crazy one! I love the mission here in Iqitos. We are starting to know our area better and weve gotten to know more of the members in our ward. There are so many good people here with lots of potential and I cant wait to start helping them to understand the gospel. We have a baptism coming up! We are teaching a boy named Junior and he has accepted to be baptised. He is 19 and he loves learning about the doctrine of Jesus Christ. It has been really fun teaching him and I cant wait to help him prepare for his baptism. 
This week I ate fish for the first time in my mission and it was delicious. The pensionistas here dont usually make fish because they think that the Americans are scared to eat it and my pensionista was really proud of me for eating it all! Shes the sweetest. 
We were walking by the river for pday and we saw an Iguana in the wilderness! It was climbing a tree and it made me so happy! Sometimes I forget that Im in the jungle until I see strange animals. 
I taught my first english class and it was awesome! There were a ton of people that came and I helped them to learn how to have a conversation in the airport. Were going to be having english classes every tuesday. I love teaching so I was really happy to hear that our ward wanted to have english classes :) 
This week we were looking for a reference whos name is Rosa. When we knocked on the door they told us that she had moved and gave us the direction of her new house, we finally found her new house and knocked on the door and a woman named rosa let us in to each her and her family. As it turns out it is a completely different Rosa that our reference, but we were able to find a super awesome family that is excited to live the gospel. 
I love that sometimes we have plans but god always has etter plans for us. He led us to this family because He know that they are prepared. 
I love the gospel. I love that I get to teach it everyday and I am so excited to see what fun things are coming up in this area. I love you all. See you in a year :)
Hermana Toponce

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello from Punchana Iquitos

Hello Everyone,
Ive been transfered! I am now in Punchana in Iquitos in the ward Clavero. Its so much different than Pucallpa. Its right by the mission home and this area is pretty wealthy compared to the dirt roads in Pucallpa. It was really weird seeing real roads again! y new companion is Hermana Gomez. She is from La Paz Bolivia and she has been in the mission for nine months. Shes awesome! Im super excited that well be working together. This transfer is going to be a really fun one. We are opening not one... but two areas! We are in charge of a huge area here that was origionally two areas so weve been spending most of this week working with the members of the ward to get to know our new area! I am so excited that we have a big area! More people to teach!! 
The only downside of this new area is that our house doesnt have a working shower at the moment, so weve been showering with a bucket. Its pretty unfortunate but we should be fixing it soon. :) We have also recieved the assignment of Family History Missionaries for the whole mission. I seriously love family history so Im super excited for this new assignment. 
In Iquitos right now there are 60 elders and 4 sisters. In the other areas of the mission there are more but its crazy! I feel really outnumbered. The good thing is that the other sisters are really great :) 
We had  a miracle happen the day before transfers. I was with Hermana Kachkachian in a lesson with our investigator named Viviana and we were sitting outside of her house and she asked us if we could move the lesson inside. We of course agreed and moved inside. In the middle of our lesson we heard gunshots and we had to hide behind the couch! Everyone outside was freaking out and we were too so we decided to say a prayer that everyone would be safe. After a few minutes we didnt hear anything so we decided to look to see if everything was okay. Aparently there was a man with a gun who was trying to rob a kid in the street and tried to shoot him and they were exactly where we were sitting before we went inside! I am so grateful that Viviana felt the spirit that we should go inside. The good thing is no one got hurt and Im am no longer in that area. It was so crazy! (Dont worry parents this new area is a lot safer :) )
We had the special oportunity to hear from Elder Uceda of the seventy this week for a special zone conference. He only spoke here in Iquitos so Im grateful that I had transfers ;) He spoke about the importance of making disciples of Jesus Christ and helping people to truly become converted to the gospel. He talked about how important it is to read the book of mormon, pray, and go to church because these things will help us to have spiritual experiences and come closer to Christ. He taught with so much power and authority that when he finished, no one wanted to leave. The spirit was so strong! I have never felt so peaceful after a zone conference. It was amazing! I am so grateful that I got to hear from him. I am so excited to be here in Iquitos and for all of the adventures that Im going to have here and to help the people here become disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is so true and I love helping people find out that it is for themselves :) I hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce

 This was her last day in Pucallpa!
 Her new Companion
This is the view from her new apartment in Iquitos. She says she has the same picture from the first day in her mission because she stayed in this apartment one night when she first arrived.