Monday, March 12, 2018

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

I have 13 months in the mission! Time is flying by and I want it to go a little slower. There is so much left to do still before I finish my mission. I think being with a companion that is about to end is making me realize how fast it all goes. I just want to give it my all before August!! 
This week has been a really spiritual one for me. I felt like a lot of my decisions were guided by the spirit and it was the best feeling ever. I love when I have weeks like this. The spirit helped us to find a sweet lady named Ludith this week and we helped her to make lunch and met her family and they want to keep learning! I was so happy. We found them when we were walking down a new street and my comp said, which house! I felt so strongly to knock on their door and she did too and I think we have found a golden family! 
We also were guided to stop teaching an investigator named Nilda. She is a great person and she likes to listen to us, but she doesnt keep her commintments and we were losing time... we went into the lesson not knowing if we should keep teaching her at this time and the spirit told both of us that we were only there to plant the seed and later other missionaries will find her. It made us both sad, but also really happy that we will now be able to find those that are ready. 
The most crazy this week is that I gave a talk in sacrament meeting thi sweek. I am in a ward with about 220 active members and the sister who was supposed to speak didnt show up and somehow the Bishop felt that he should ask me to speak. He asked me right before they said the sacrament prayer so I didnt have time to prepare but I felt that the spirit would guide me and give me the words that I need. I gave my ten minute talk and I didnt feel like I was speaking, but I knew the words were right. I spoke about the Book of Mormon and when sacrament meeting finished a lot of people told me that it was a great talk. I was so glad to have the chance to share my testimony with everyone and that the spirit guided my words, and the bishop to ask me to speak. Such a sweet experience!
I know that the spirit guides us and that if we listen to it we will have success and we will do the Lords will. 
I love oyu all! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. they help a ton!
Con amor, 
Hermana Toponce
(Lo siento... no fotos...)

Go Forward With Faith

This last pday while we were shopping at a market, we found a hidden river town and it was stinking beautiful! We just had to take pictures. These floating houses are my favorite because in the dry seasons of the year they are super tall and you  have to climp up makeshift ladders to get to them and then when the river grows the people make bridges and use boats to get to their front door. So awesome! I love my mission.
MY companion went to Iquitos this week and I worked with Sister GOmez and Sister Melchor and while I was in their area I was sitting on the floor studying and behind me there was the biggest tarantula I have ever seen!!!! Hermana Gomez looked at me and screamed, and it turns out there was a giant spider that wanted to eat me. We ran to the little shop next door to buy some spider spray to kill it and it just made the spider angry!! Luckily Hermaa Melchor had a broom and saved us... Scariest mission moment by far!
 Then the next day while we were eating lunch there were some ladies yelling at eachother outside, and then one lady hit the other with a wrench and the one who got hit started punching the other and shoved her through the door right in front of me! I thought I was going to get punched and I said a prayer in my heart that there would be peace and literally right after saying amen everything calmed down. It was amazing! The other sisters are convinced that everytime Im around something crazy happens. Luckily we are all safe :)
Our investigators are doing great! Wills has a date for the 17th of March that is set in stone! His family is super excited and its on his cousins birthday and his cousin is going to baptise him. Raul is so close to accepting a date... he just wants to see a baptism first! But I have a lot of faith that he will ba baptised on the 17th too. Karina is ignoring us... she was supposed to ba baptised this week but we dont know what happened... and we have another sweet girl named Kassandra who will be baptised onb the 23rd! 
I have loved this week. It went by sooo fast, but I have loved seeing Gods hand in every moment. I know that if we have faith and work hard God willmprotect us and will guide us. 
I love all of you and I hope you have an amazing week!!! Go forward with faith! :)
Hermana Toponce

Monday, February 26, 2018

Because I Have Been Given Much

So transfers game and went and I get to stay in Yarinacocha Pucallpa with Hermana Lazarte! I am so happy that I didnt get transfered becasue we have a lot of great people we are teaching who are getting close to baptism. I love this area. I know without a doubt that God has prepared this area for me and my companion. 
This week we had so conference and it was amazing! Most of the trainings were on the book of mormon and the spirit was so strong! There are a ton of new Elders and there was a lot of excitement about missioary work which I thought was great. Hermana Quispe got transferred to Pucallpa so I get to see her again!! It made me so happy to hear that shell be finishing her mission here!! 
Hermana Li shared her conversion story with me in our interview )we dont have interviews with our president just his wife) and she talked about how the Sister missionaries changed her life and how grateful she is that the sisters choose to serve missions. In our mission we only have 16 sisters and 6 will be finishing their missions this transfer... we will only have 10! Sister Li told me that this mission is really hard. She is so proud of us for being able to serve in the jungle and be so happy and have success. I was so grateful for this interview with her. Every mission is hard. Thats why its called a mission! But I am so glad that Heavenly Father gave me this mission. Its the best for me! I read a quote by Thomas S. Monson this week that I loved, ¨May we ever choose the hardest right, instead of the easier wrong.¨ 
It is not easy to live the gospel... its not easy to share it but it is right! 
I am so grateful for this work and for my mission! I hope you can all choose the harder right this week and trust in God. He will direct your paths!
Hermana Toponce

Monday, February 19, 2018

I Feel My Savior's Love

I just want to wish you all a happy late velentines day!! THis week I was thinking about how much love the Savior has for all of us and how much love God has for us. There are so many ways I can feel and recognize their love for me here in the mission. This week especially!
One of the ways that I could feel their love was in the baptism that we had for Hermano Junior! He was so happy! All of his family came and when he shared his testimony he said that he is so excited to use this year to prepare for his mission. The most special was that his best friend got to baptise him! It was such a beautiful Saturday that I will never forget. I cant stop smiling!!
I am looking forward to the other baptism that we have coming up to for a boy named Wills. He is 14 and he loved the message of the restoration because he is 14 too and has the same question! He is loving the book of mormon and super excited to be baptised. 
Karina was going to get baptised this week on the 24, but she said she wants more time to prepare. Well see when she wants to be baptised but shes getting there! Raul and Madelen are working things out so they can accept a date too! We are praying that they accept!! They are such a great family.
I can also feel Gods love for me when we are guided to find people. We were guided this week to find two new amazing families and I am so excited to start teaching them. We felt the need to go a different way than normal, we knocked on a door and found one of the families and they gave us the reference of the other! It was a miracle. 
I love peru. I love the bugs, the dirt, the sun, motokars. I love having a pensionista. I love speaking another language. I love teaching the gospel! 
I know that Jesus Christ is our savior. I know that he loves us So much and that he is the way to eternal life. I know that Charity, the pure love of Christ, never faileth. I hope you have a great week and can recognize the many ways that God is showing His love for you.
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce

Monday, February 12, 2018

Scripture Power

So I am doing a lot better than I was last week. I am healthier, the week went really well and life is good! We are getting close to Juniors baptism. ITS THIS SATURDAY!! and he is so excited. He sends us a text everyday counting down the days. We also have another investigator named Karina and her son who are going to be baptised on the 24th of february. It is so fun seeing how excited they are to make this promise with God. 
This week I taught my companion the primary song, "Scripture Power" because she wanted to learn an easy song and it has been the sweetest hearing her sing one of my favorite primary song, but thinscute little song has also strengthened my testimony  a lot this week. When I sent Alma 37:37 to JUnior last week it really changed his life... it is amazing to me how one verse of scripture can make such a bigdifference in our lives. It got me thinking about Joseph Smith and the one verse he read in James 1:5 that has changed all of our lives and made possible the restoration of the gospel. It is amazing how God guides us and speaks to us through His scriptures. 
Tyler our recent convert also came up to me in church yesterday all excited and asked me where I am in my book of mormon becasue I started over my book of mormon so wee could have a competition and he is beating me!! I cant believe it! I love to see his excitement to read the scriptures. 
I have a testimony that ther Book of MOrmon is true. Ot is the word of God. It changes lives. It is the keystone of my testimony and of our Rreligion! I hope you can all give a little time to read the book of mormon this week and see how amazing it is! 
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce
Also no pictures this week... sorry!!!!

Monday, February 5, 2018

And My Soul Hungered

So to be honest... this week has been a little difficult. But I have learned a lot from the experiences of this week so all is well. I got really sick this week because my companion went to Iquitos for her leaders council and I stayed with Hermana Gomez and Hermana Melchor in the other area in our zone. When I ate the food that their pensionista prepared I got super sick and my pensionista was so mad! haha but I am a lot better now. Ive only been able to eat chicken soup and crackers all week which is one of the reasons for the title of my email! 

A bird also pooped on my head while we were on our way to church yesterday... haha! We were also running a little late because we were picking up investigators so I had to run into the bathroom and wash my hair real quick. It was hilariously unfortunate. I have changed so much in the mission because if this happened at home Im sure I would have been upset. Oh jungle birds. At least it was a really pretty bird!

The most unfortunate thing, but also the most rewarding is the fact that Junior did not get baptised this Saturday. When my companion got back from Iquitos on Friday we felt the need to visit him to see how he was doing and when we got to his house he looked really troubled. We asked him what happened and he told us that he couldnt be baptised on Saturday because he had broken a commandment. He felt so strongly that he should tell us. The night before I felt that I should send him a scripture to help him and I sent Alma 37 37  and he told us that it was a text message inspired of God because the verse of scripture made him feel the need to pray to God to ask for help. He said that at first he felt super sad about what he had done, but after praying he felt comfort and he knew that he would be able to get baptised after a little more time and preparation. There is nothing like seeing your investigator understand the principal of repentacne. I am so proud of him for having the desire to do what is right, and for having the courage to fix what he had done. I am amazed that the spirit touches our hearts to help us through our trials and touch the hearts of others. I know that God works miracles and I know that Junior is going to be so ready to be baptised. His new date is the 17th of February!!
This experience made me think of Enos when he prayed with all of his might to be forgiven for his sins and how GOd heard his prayer. His soul hungered for his salvation. I know that prayer and fasting help us to be forgiven and help us to recieve miracles! 
Another great thing is that this week I am going to complete 1 WHOLE YEAR IN THE MISSION! I cant even believe it. I know that the church is true. I know that Christ is our savior and that if we turn to him we can find peace in this challenging world.
I love you all tons! Im sending a big warm hug from peru!!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce 
Nos vemos en seis meses 😉

Monday, January 29, 2018


Hello Everyone!
We had our baptism for Tyler this week and it went super well. He was oh so excited! We worked a lot with the primary so they could give that talks and musica l number, and it wass sucha spiritual experience. We tried to get him to take pictures but he didnt want to... he just wanted to get baptised! It was really sweet, but the pictures arent to lovely... haha! what can you do? Im so happy that he made the choise to be baptised. His family is so happy to and they are setting goals so they can be active in the church again. I am so happy for them!
Junior is also so excited to be baptised. He said during one of our lessons this week that he wanted to be baptised that very day! He even cried hearing the plan of salvation because he felt so strongly that everything we have been teacing him is true. He has changed so much and I am so proud of him for accepting the gospel in his life! We will be having his baptism this friday becasue he didnt want to wait until saturday! haha :) 
This week we had a service project and we had to move bricks to build a wall and while i was moving a brick I felt something touch my finger and sure enough there was a giant snake coiled up in the brick. It leaped out of the brick into the remaining bricks and all of the elders came running the the rescue with machetes to kill it! It was hilarious and scary! Dont worry I am safe, but it was a poisonous snake and everything... I have pictures for next week because the internet is bad. so crazy! I dont know why im always in danger! I am just oh so grateful for all of your prayers protecting me :)
I love this work. I know that this is the restored gospel and I am so happy to be seeing the gospel work miracles in peoples lives. I know that our baptismal covenants can lead us to eternal life!
Have a wonderful week!!!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce