Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Un Mes en Peru!!!!

Hola familia y amigos,
So sometimes when things are going really well, life decides to give you some challenges. This week has been full of so many new and exciting challenges. It started out with our entire district getting sick. When people are sick here they have to wear surgical masks so our entire district walked around wearing them until we stopped coughing. Having a cold wasnt fun, but at least we looked good!
I had to go talk to mission medical about my knee because it was still hurting after a few days which usually doesnt happen when I hurt my knee. On my way to talk to him I was so worried that it would be something id have to go home for and I started to cry. Even just the though of going home already made me so sad. When I talked to medical he had a hard time speaking english so I told him to just say it in spanish and I understood him perfectly! He said that I stretched a ligament in my knee when it collapsed, but because it didnt tear I will be okay. Im just not allowed to run for a month which means no more CCM soccer for me. Im sad about that, but Im SO glad that its not as bad as I thought it was. Im so happy to be hear and I pray that my knee heals quickly and stays healed :)
Another challenge of sorts is that we has a companionship change. I am now in a trio. .Hermana Felshaw and I are still companions, but the new group of missionaries brought us another companion we didnt know we were mission. Her name is Hermana Bergsma . She is 22 and from california and she is the only new american Hermana that came with this new group. Even though its really different to be in a trio, I couldnt be more grateful for this opportunity to grow and train a new companion. She is so kind and hardwoking and Im excited for the last few weeks with her!
My relief society lesson went really well. I got to teach about the restoration and the lesson I taught was a lot different from the lesson I prepared. I think its amazing how the spirit takes the lesson where it needs to go. On top of teaching relief society I also had to give the opening prayer in sacrament meeting... in SPANISH! It was a bit of an intimidating sunday, but it all worked out and Im stronger for it. haha.
In a lot of classes, devotionals, and meetings this week we talked about faith.  I just want to share my favorite point that Hermana Griffith brough up this week. In Nephi when he has to make a bow to get food for his family, the scripture says he made an arrow. Not a few arrows. An arrow. If this doesnt show faith I dont know what does. He knew that if he trusted in the lord and did his part he would only need one arrow to get enough food for his family.
I love this mission. I love my challenges. I know that if I put my faith in the Lord and do HIs will I can accomplish anything! Salvation isnt easy, but its oh so worth it.
P.S. If any of you have questions about this church or about life in general please read the Book of Mormon. It has all of the answers!!
Con amor,
Hermana Toponce

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