Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CCM Week Three!

This week has been so busy. Its been a good busy though. I love getting more to do. It helps me grow faster!
Here at the CCM we have Avanzados- the people who have been here for three weeks already. They are the ones who help us who help us with everything we could possibly need. Today they all left to go into the mission field and I am so excited for them. Since they left we are now the avanzados and I cant wait to meet all of the missionaries we will be training! Its crazy how close we get to people after only three weeks here.
Another few other big things happened this week. Hermana Felshaw and I got called as sister leaders. It´s a huge honor because they only call one companionship. I am so excited for the opportunity to serve more here at the CCM. The other big thing is that I got asked to teach relief society next week. I have never taught a full church class before so this will be interesting. I'm just grateful that I get to teach it in English. haha!
Yesterday when I was playing soccer I hurt my knee pretty badly. Its feeling a lot better today but it was bad enough that I had to sit out of soccer yesterday. I was sad because I wanted to play, but as things usually work out here in the ccm I had a better opportunity come up. I went to play ping pong with the latinos and it was so fun to get to know them and speak only Spanish. One of the elders kindly told me that my Spanish was almost perfect. He was so surprised that I had only been speaking for three weeks. I am nowhere near perfect but I'm glad to see that getting hurt was a blessing in disguise.
They have this really interesting fruit here called granadia and it looks really gross but its my favorite! I wish I had a picture but you all should look it up!!
I have learned so ,much about the plan of salvation this week. It is such a precious gift to know where were from and where were going after this life. My testimony of the plan grew especially after an experience at the temple today. I met a beautiful woman from Lima and when I told her that I was from Utah her face lit up and she said, "My elder lives in Utah" she was converted to the church by an elder walker who is currently attending byu and I could tell that she was so grateful for him. Today she got to go through the temple for her parents. This gospel answers all of life's questions and gives us so much hope. I'm so glad that I got to talk to her and hear how the church has blessed her life. I so hope that I can help at least one person know about this special gift we have been given!
Thank you all so much for your emails, your thoughts, and prayers. They help me everyday and I couldn't be more grateful for your excellent example to me. I wish I could email all of you individually but I don't have enough time. Just know that I love everyone and I hope you have a great week. Take a moment this week to realize what blessings you have and thank heavenly father for the gifts he has given you. I promise you will find at least one thing to thank him for!

Here is the fruit she told us to look up!!

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