Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Three weeks here in Pucallpa, Two months into the mission, and one baptism down! I love being a missionary. :)
Luceros baptism was so great. She was so excited to become a member of this beautiful church. Saturday was such a busy day because she had her baptism, Wedding, and baby Shower all in the same day. I got to be a witness for the wedding which was pretty cool. I sighned their wedding papers. Weddings here in peru are super efficient. The whole thing only took five minutes. The wedding was in the overflow of the chapel that we made look all nice and cleaned just for Lucero. Then right after the wedding ended, we got Lucero ready for the bapstism and headed straight for the Baptisimal font. Her whole family came to support her and none of them are members of the church so we got to explain the importance of baptism to all of them and it was really a special  meeting. Lucero was glowing and her new Husband Benito (Who is a member of the church) was so happy for her too. It was really a special day. 
So my companion is a Sister leader for the mission here in Pucallpa and she had to go to a meeting in Iquitos this week for three days. I had the terrifying, and testimony growing opportunity to work in our area with a member of the ward. I dont know spanish very well, I dont know the area, and somehow we were able to visit every investigator without any of our appointments falling through! It was a miracle. I was so worried about leading lessons but with them Help of the spirit I was able to give full lessons that made some sense. Hermana Prince (My companion) said that they never make missionaries work solo after only two weeks on the mission but they knew I would be able to handle it. It was really a confidence boost for me to know that I can teach people. Im super excited to keep teaching people about the gospel! I know that I can only imporove from here :)
We cant make our own food on the mission anymore. We need a pensionista for every meal which means no more cereal for me! Im pretty bummed about that, but Im glad we have a good pensionista! Hermana Rubi always makes the best food. I have tried so many new things this week! Theres a fruit called guaba that looks like a vine and another one called Zapote that I like a lot. It looks like a giant tulip bulb. I still eat a lot of chicken and rice but I really like all of it.

This week I had an experience teaching our new investigator Mindy. She is 22 and is really interested in the gospel! ying to get her parents to listen to the discussions too :) I had the opportunity to teach her about Joseph Smith and when I shared the first vision with her she was speachless. She was so happy to hear that God is still calling prophets to lead and guide us. I am so grateful that we have a prophet and that we can hear exactly what god wants his church to do. Its really a special gift that God has given us :) My invitation to everyone this week is to re-read/ re-watch the talks from general conference because they are divine!
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce

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