Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Feliz Pascua (Happy Easter)

Hello Evereyone! 
Things are going really well here in beautiful Pucallpa. It was so great to be able to celebrate easter here in the mission and teach people about how important Christ is. It was a really special opportunity. Here they celebrate the whole week before easter and its called the semana santa. Its pretty much spring break. For la semana santa people only eat fish and our pensionista still made us chicken so when I told people thats what we had for lunch they looked at me like I was a sinner! Now I know dont tell people that youre eating chicken during the semana santa. Anyways, easter was great and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend with their families!
This week I got to see the river Ucayali and it was beautiful! We went on our pday to see some tourist sights and the river was one of them. Its still crazy for me to think that Im in Peru. I reall love it so much :) 
On tuesday we had a district meeting and on Monday night I got asked to give the training for the meeting. I was terrified to teach a bunch of missionaries who know the language and the gospel, but I accepted and taught about the importance of the Book of MOrmon. It went really really well but I cant believe they had me do that. Haha! The mission is always giving me new opportunities to learn and grow. 
It rained for the first time in three weeks and it was aweome!! I love the rain so much. We had to wear rainboots because there was so much mud and we were soaked during all of out lessons. It felt so nice to have some cool rain after three weeks of super hot weather. Everyone is in a better mood here when its raining :)
For service this week we helped the Bishops sister clean her house and for mops here they just take a broom and wrap an old tshirt on the bottom! Its amazing how resourceful people are when they dont have much. I always love doing service! It makes me happy and the people I serve happy :) 
This week we were praying that ur investigators would accept a baptisimal date. We have three that are progressing so much and we were hoping for them to commit to a date. One is Isabel and Jack. They are a sweet couple with and adorable son and the other is Luisa a mother of two beautiful daughters. After praying and working hard to teach them about the gospel I am pleased to say that Luisa is going to be baptised on the 13 of MAy and Jack and Isabel will be baptised on the 27th of May! I am so excited to keep helping them to prepare for baptism. It makes me so happy to see this beautiful gospel changing peoples lives. 
I know without a doubt that this church is true. I know that because of Jesus Christ our lives have a purpose and through His gospel we have the opportinity to live with our families forever. Life is so good :)
I love you all and I hope that you have an amazing week. 
Con Amor, 
Hermana Toponce

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