Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Im getting better at charades!... and spanish too.

Hello Everyone!
Today marks three months in the mission. I cant believe Ive already been here for this long. It goes by so fast! We had transfers this week and Im still in Pucallpa!!! But I have a new companion. Her name is Hermana Kachkachian and she is from Argentina. She is 25 and she is stinking awesome. I dont think Ive ever met anyone more dedicated to the mission in my life. She only has five months in the mission and shes already training me! Its crazy but I seriously love working with her. We have found so many new people to teach this week and Im really excited to see what great things well do this transfer!
This week while we were out working we had a day where every single one of our appointments fell through. We were both really dissapointed and were thinking of who we could possibly visit for our last lesson of the night when out of nowhere a woman came up to us and asked, " What are you teaching?" I told her that we were teaching about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and she invited us into her house to share our message with her and her husband. We taught a lesson about Joseph Smith and the restauration and she loved all of it! I felt like I should extend an invitation for her to be baptised and SHE ACCEPTED! We will be having a baptism for Hermana Hilda on the 27 of this month. It was seriously a miracle! This experience was a testimony builder to me that there are people waiting to hear the gospel. I was so happy to have a lesson with her!
One crazy experience from this week, we recieved an accidental blessing from a lady during a lesson. We asked her to say the prayer at the end of the lesson and everything was going well when all of the sudden she put her hands on our heads and chanted a memorized blessing. We quickly said amen and went to our next lesson but it was definitely an interesting experience. 
I seriously love my mission. I am learning so much everyday and I am so grateful for all of these experiences that I am having. This week I had my testimony strenghened of the priesthood. I love that we have the power of god restored on the earth and that we can recieve so much help from the priesthood. I always love sharing the restored gospel with people because it makes sense! 
Thank you for all of your prayers, kind thoughts, testimonies, and help! I am so happy that I have such kind family and friends that are supporting me in my mission. I hope you all have a lovely week :)
Con amor, 
Hermana Toponce

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