Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just Keep Teaching!

Weve been working so hard to help our investigators progress and its been a lot of hard work. Cynthia and Emmersons (Less Active family) Are coming to church now and it makes me really happy to see their sweet family enjoying the gospel. Now I just hope we can help our investigators too! We had one investigator named Lucia who weve been teaching for a while give us back her book of mormon because she doesnt want to read it. I was so sad that i started crying right there on her porch and pretty much begged her to change her mind but she stayed firm in her decision. One of our other investigators Hilda who asked us to teach her just recently got a job in lima so now we dont get to teach her. These two experiences were really dissapointing this week, but I know that we met them for a reason and I really hope that one day they can be baptised! They are such amazing people. 
We have two investigators that are really close to being able to be baptised!! One is Luisa she accepted a baptisimal date for this saturday but were going to keep working with her for the furst week of June so she can be more prepared. I am so excited for her!! We also have an investigator named Alfonso who is seriously so cool. Weve been teaching him and his mom for the past two weeks and he is so excited to be baptised. He had a dream after praying about to book of mormon and he told us that he knows that its true! He too is going to be baptised the first week of June. Alfonso and his mom are so special to me. I feel like Ive known them forever and Im so grateful to be having the chance to teach them about the gospel :) 
The people here always say that I look like different celebrities from the United states. They say I look like Taylor Swift, Barbie, like Im related to Donal Trump (haha) my favorite one that I get all the time is that I look like Mary or a Catholic Saint. People are always saying that I look like a saint haha! I dont know what they mean but I think that its really funny. Hilda asked me what my full name is and when I said that its Hermana Toponce she laughed and said... Im pretty sure your name is Mary. Im going to write Mary. I thought it was so funny! 
I love these people so much! There are a lot of disapointments in the misson but for every trail there are miriacles. I am so happy for the miracles that Ive seen and for the spirit that I have felt this week. I know that God is always helping me to do the things that are of most importance here. I know without a doubt that God answers prayers. I love you all so much! Thank you for your emails! I hope everytone has a lovely week!
Con amor, 
Hermana Toponce

pictures wouldn't upload this week :(

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