Monday, May 15, 2017

Mom, Music, and Monkeys

Hello everyone! 
This week was such a fantastic week. I got to talk to my lovely family for mothers day and it was just so great. I loved being able to see their faces and hear their voices for a little bit. Family is seriously so imprtant. I teach people about eternal families everyday and it helps me to realize how much time Ill be able to have with my family after my mission. Oh how I love Gods plan for us. Happy late mothers day to all of the wonderful mothers I know!!
This week we had Elder Montoya of the Seventy came for a combined zone conference and it was awesome. I learned so much from him about having a good attitude always and striving to help the people around us. There are so many people that we know that are in need and it was good to be reminded that we need to reach out and do service for our neighbors. As part of this reuinion I had the terrifying and rewarding opportunity of playing the piano. I dont play the piano. I had lessons when I was younger but Im not good at it by anymeans. I was asked to play because Im the only person in either zone who knows how to play at all. I played two hymns and it was a miracle. It was so intimidating! I loved this Zone conference and it was awesome having the chance to meet Elder MOntoya. He has such a strong testimony.
Because Im serving in the jungle I always see people with interesting pets, but this week I met two people with pet monkeys! One woman had a pet monkey and at the end of our lesson she asked me if I wanted to hold it. Of course I wanted to hold it! It was stinking adorable and it was part of my mission bucket list. The second person with a monkey was a driver of one of the motokars we took this week. He reached into his bag to get change and he had a monkey just chilling in his bag! I was so suprised. It made me laugh. I love gaining all of these experiences here and meeting so many people with different backgrounds and stories and lives. It makes me realize that every single one of us is here for a reason. We are all learning and growing and trying to become better. We all have the same special opportiunity to live with our father in heaven and our families forever! All we have to do is follow Jesus Christs example. I know that this church is true and Im so happy to be helping others to learn of its truthfullness too!
I love you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic week!!
Hermana Toponce

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