Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CCM Semana #1

Hello everyone! I cant believe that I have already been at the CCM (MTC) for a whole week. It seriously went by so fast. The CCM is such a beautiful place. It has so many flowers and trees and everything is tile, there is no carpet anywhere! My first few days here were really crazy. After getting to the CCM early in the morning on wednesday, we still got up and got to work. We were exhausted but so happy to finally be in peru. I am in district Mormon and I have the coolest people.

There are only eight of us in my district so it gives us a lot of time to learn.

Getting used to the heat and humidity was pretty hard, but now Im totally used to it here. I already love peru so much!

My companions name is Hermana Felshaw and she is from Kansas. She is so sweet and hardworking and I am so excited to learn at the ccm with her. People keep saying that were only as good as our companions and that gives me so much hope. We are already such good friends! One funny story, this week we got a little lost and ended up in the Elders hall. We realized and turned to leave and one of the teachers saw us and yelled "Hermanas!" and started laughing so hard. I explained that we got lost and she seriously could not stop laughing. We really need to work on not getting lost.

 After only being here for two days, we started teaching lessons in spanish to fake investigators. Our investigators name is "Sophie"  Weve had the chance to have three lessons with her already completely in spanish. The first one was really rough but the next two went so well. I was so suprised that they had us missionaries teaching already but its really good practice!

I feel like I have learned more spanish this week than I did in all of highschool. We try to learn about 30 words a day and 6 phrases. Its so nice to be able to use the spanish I}m learning every day. I love talking to the native sisters here because they help me improve my spanish skills. They always laugh at me but then kindly help me fix my mistakes. It is SO hard to learn a new language, but it is definitely coming faster than I thought it would :)

The food here is delicious. Who knew there were so many variations of chicken and rice?! My favorite food this week was when they had soup, fish, and soft served icecream for dinner!! I was so stinking happy! Soup is my very favorite thing in the world. haha!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine´s Day! Being away from everyone for my first holliday was weird, but I love being here. What better way to spend valentines day than by sharing the love that Jesus Christ has for everyone. I am so grateful for my savior and for his atonement. He gave us the opportunity to be happy, and perfect, and to be better every day! I love that!

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers sent my way! I can totally feel the strength that they´re giving me! I want to challenge everyone this week to start to grow a deeper love for Jesus Christ and everything He has done for us. Start with the scripture Omni 1:26. It´s a good one :)

Con amor,

Hermana Toponce

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