Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family Hi!

Did you say you had to bus from the airport to the MTC? Was it a two hour ride? Is the picture of the white building the view outside of your room?
So the view from outside of my room is literally a brick wall haha. but we don't spend much time in there so I don't mind. The white building I sent a picture of is one of three buildings here. It has a chapel and an auditorium in it and we go there for devotionals and on Sunday. The bus ride to the mtc took two hours and it was dark so we couldn't see much but we did see a lot of people sleeping on the street which made me sad and on the ride from the airport I couldn't understand anything on the signs but I think I would be able to now. 

 How many sister in your district? Just you and Taylor?
In my district there are eight people in total. We have Hermana Felshaw and I, another companionship of sisters Hermana Griffith from Idaho, and Hermana Tons from California. The boys are Elder Letham and Elder Flores, and Elder Barnes and Elder Cloud. They are all so nice and they just make me laugh all the time. The names of the scriptures are different in Spanish so when Elder Barnes was trying to share James 1:5 in his lesson, he accidentally shared john 1:5. Now we all know that Santiago means James. We were all laughing so hard because he didn't notice until after he read it because he doesn't understand Spanish. Man, I was laughing so hard.

 How is the Spanish coming? You said in your other email that you have been learning so much. Do you try to speak it already every day?
I try to speak some Spanish every day. Some days are better than others. That's why I really like teaching lessons. They force me to see how much Spanish I really know, and I feel like I really know a lot already. Im trying to learn a hundred words a day and so far I've been doing great with that goal!! I really love to talk to the Latina sisters because they help me learn faster. They laugh at my Spanish sometimes but they love that I'm working to get better.

How bad are the bugs where you are? Do you already have to wear bug spray every day?
I don't have to wear bug spray everyday I haven't put any on here at the ccm. The only bugs that bite us are some weird ants in a certain section of our study area so we try not to sit there anymore. I've only seen like two spiders and they're little. I keep hearing it will be so so much worse with bugs in Iquitos.

I get to play soccer a lot and I think its so fun. Playing with the latinos is great because they are SO good and they help me get better at that too. I had four assists this week while playing so its fun to see that I'm getting better at soccer. The latino elders think Im cute so they keep trying to say my name whenever they can. Every time I touch the ball they all yell "HERMANA TOPONCE" and it makes me feel really loved.

I am so happy to hear about Kylie being engaged. That is seriously so fun! And Hallie I am SO proud of you for making it past the first part. I cant wait to hear how the rest of it goes. you are Awesome!! Jace good job on your award. Keeping working on all of your things so you can get your eagle someday.

I miss you all every day but I know you're safe at home. Thank you for all of your love and prayers. They really are helping me so much. When I say that I love the ccm I'm not lying. I am so happy here and I know that this is where I need to be. I don't think I need anything right now. I am set with all of the things I brought. Just keep reading the book of Mormon. It is seriously so helpful and has so many answers to life's problems.

 I cant wait to hear from you next week!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Toponce :) :)

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