Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello from Punchana Iquitos

Hello Everyone,
Ive been transfered! I am now in Punchana in Iquitos in the ward Clavero. Its so much different than Pucallpa. Its right by the mission home and this area is pretty wealthy compared to the dirt roads in Pucallpa. It was really weird seeing real roads again! y new companion is Hermana Gomez. She is from La Paz Bolivia and she has been in the mission for nine months. Shes awesome! Im super excited that well be working together. This transfer is going to be a really fun one. We are opening not one... but two areas! We are in charge of a huge area here that was origionally two areas so weve been spending most of this week working with the members of the ward to get to know our new area! I am so excited that we have a big area! More people to teach!! 
The only downside of this new area is that our house doesnt have a working shower at the moment, so weve been showering with a bucket. Its pretty unfortunate but we should be fixing it soon. :) We have also recieved the assignment of Family History Missionaries for the whole mission. I seriously love family history so Im super excited for this new assignment. 
In Iquitos right now there are 60 elders and 4 sisters. In the other areas of the mission there are more but its crazy! I feel really outnumbered. The good thing is that the other sisters are really great :) 
We had  a miracle happen the day before transfers. I was with Hermana Kachkachian in a lesson with our investigator named Viviana and we were sitting outside of her house and she asked us if we could move the lesson inside. We of course agreed and moved inside. In the middle of our lesson we heard gunshots and we had to hide behind the couch! Everyone outside was freaking out and we were too so we decided to say a prayer that everyone would be safe. After a few minutes we didnt hear anything so we decided to look to see if everything was okay. Aparently there was a man with a gun who was trying to rob a kid in the street and tried to shoot him and they were exactly where we were sitting before we went inside! I am so grateful that Viviana felt the spirit that we should go inside. The good thing is no one got hurt and Im am no longer in that area. It was so crazy! (Dont worry parents this new area is a lot safer :) )
We had the special oportunity to hear from Elder Uceda of the seventy this week for a special zone conference. He only spoke here in Iquitos so Im grateful that I had transfers ;) He spoke about the importance of making disciples of Jesus Christ and helping people to truly become converted to the gospel. He talked about how important it is to read the book of mormon, pray, and go to church because these things will help us to have spiritual experiences and come closer to Christ. He taught with so much power and authority that when he finished, no one wanted to leave. The spirit was so strong! I have never felt so peaceful after a zone conference. It was amazing! I am so grateful that I got to hear from him. I am so excited to be here in Iquitos and for all of the adventures that Im going to have here and to help the people here become disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is so true and I love helping people find out that it is for themselves :) I hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Con mucho amor, 
Hermana Toponce

 This was her last day in Pucallpa!
 Her new Companion
This is the view from her new apartment in Iquitos. She says she has the same picture from the first day in her mission because she stayed in this apartment one night when she first arrived.

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